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Tuning Test Qualification Issuance Is Completed
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Distinguished Proxy,

All notifications of Tuning Test qualification have been issued.

To provide the best possible game experience to all Proxies, we have decided to adjust the distribution of installation files and the available platforms as follows:

We will issue both iOS and PC test qualification to all Proxies who qualified for the test. (The test is not available on Android devices)

Proxies can choose to play on either platform according to their needs.

Your qualifications in this test will be tied to the first device you log in with on each platform, i.e. a single HoYoverse ID can only log in with one iOS device and one PC. If you change devices on the same platform during the test, your account will automatically be blocked. In view of the possibility of account sharing/trading, such bans will not be lifted during the test.

Eligibility is based on the receipt of the official notification email. Please check the email address you provided in the recruitment survey to see if you received the relevant notification.

※ Beta access emails will be sent from: <noreply@notification-email.hoyoverse.com>

Proxies should be careful not to open emails from unknown senders to ensure the safety of their personal information.

※ Please note that certain emails may be delivered to your Subscribed Email or Spam folder.

In addition, only the Proxy themselves can access the game. Please do not share or sell your game account, or we will cancel your test qualification.

We remind all Proxies to stay vigilant. To protect your personal info and avoid unnecessary losses, please do not trust any information regarding account sharing/trading, the selling of installation files, or purchase beta accounts on any platform.