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Plug-Ins & Account Trading is Prohibited
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Distinguished Proxies,

In order to maintain fairness and order in Zenless Zone Zero, and to provide Proxies a healthy and fair test environment, we will be canceling test qualification for any accounts that violate the following rules.

1. Account trading and sharing. We prohibit account trading/sharing in any form, and any account found to have been involved in such actions will be immediately removed from the closed beta.

Your qualifications in this test will be tied to the first device you log in with on each platform, i.e. a single HoYoverse ID can only log in with one iOS device and one PC. If you change devices on the same platform during the test, your account will automatically be blocked. In view of the possibility of account sharing/trading, such bans will not be lifted during the test. Meanwhile, please do not trust any information regarding account sharing/trading or the sale of installation files. Protect your account information and property to prevent unnecessary losses.

2. Create, publish, disseminate, or use any manner of tools or software that obstruct the fairness of Zenless Zone Zero's gameplay, including but not limited to those that simulate user actions, modify the operating environment, modify game data, falsify device information, and falsify IP addresses.

If you encounter the aforementioned situations, please save the evidence and report to our official customer service email (zzzcs_en@hoyoverse.com). Together, we can build a fair and harmonious New Eridu!

Thank you for your interest and support of Zenless Zone Zero.