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[THE NEW'S Vol.002] The best food for cold days is...
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Proxies! Don't open this magazine when you're hungry! Never!

Don't open it! Don't open it!

"Anyone bored with normal drinks, and doesn't want to go out should dry our homemade drink! It's simple and affordable, easy to make, and endlessly surprising."

The ramen shop is just across the street from the 141 convenience store, and during our after-dinner walk, we had the bright idea to get with the latest trend among youngsters of making their own drinks.

(Due to limited funds) We only tried some of the suggestions on the Proxy Network. Let's see if it's as easy and delicious as they say!

—Advertisement Time—

Since the first issue of THE NEWS went on sale, we have surprisingly been contacted by advertisers with some amazing products that coincidentally match the theme of this issue^^

Ahem, now it's time for advertisements. What new flavor cat food? I don't know meow.

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