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[THE NEW'S Vol.003] Music Special
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Suggested Reading Environment:

Alone in a quiet room, on a sofa with headphones/speakers at the ready.

Suggested Audience:

Music enthusiasts, editors experiencing a writer's block, insomniacs.

"Monologue" was released early last year and contains 11 tracks.

The last track on the album is a compilation of the singer's interviews in the "Jealous" magazine. The song lasts for over 30 minutes. In addition to her past conversations with celebrities from all walks of life, the artist also added her own inner monologue, which she hopes will provide her listeners with a different perspective.

The group started out as a student association, but eventually developed into a full-fledged band after they played a number of events and gigs. They spent the first few years going undiscovered, until they signed a record deal with one of the largest music labels in New Eridu. Reportedly, we can expect more serious and large-scale performances in the future.

As a gift to the fans, the album contains footage of all previous offline performances and rehearsals. It's like a mini-documentary depicting the band's journey.

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