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Z·Z·Z x City Festival Special Stage "HOLLOW" Debut! | gamescom 2023
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Dear Proxies, you have been invited to the New Eridu x Cologne City Electronic Music Show "HOLLOW"!

Hailing from New Eridu, DJ Bangboo will be taking everyone on a thrilling journey through the Hollow! Let the music and lights guide you to experience the passionate beat of an unknown realm!

Event Duration: August 26 22:25 – 22:40 (GMT+2)

Event Location: Köln, Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz bis Friesenplatz

This event is free and open to all. Please see the following link for more details on how to attend: https://www.gamescom.global/en/explore/gamescom-city-festival

Videos of the show will be available online in the future, stay tuned!