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Zenless Zone Zero Equalizing Test Qualification Has Been Issued
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Dear Proxies, Equalizing Test qualification notices have been sent out. Proxies can go to the Qualification Query page to check if they have received the notification below.

Query Method 1:

Log in to the Qualification Query page and enter the HoYoverse ID you used for the sign-up survey.

>> Go to the Equalizing Test Qualification Query Page<<

Query Method 2:

Qualification confirmation will be sent in batches by email, so please check whether the email you used to fill in the Equalizing Test Registration Survey has received any notifications.


1) The email sender for this test qualification mail is:

Zenless Zone Zero <notifications@official.hoyoverse.com>

Exercise caution and avoid opening emails from suspicious sources to safeguard your personal information.

2) Some mailboxes may put the email into the "Subscription Mail" or "Trash Folder," please beware.

3) If Proxies check the query page and see they've qualified but do not receive an email, please contact us at zzzcs_en@hoyoverse.com.

In addition, Equalizing Test qualification obtained through community events will be announced individually at the end of each event through messages on the site, an official private message, etc. Please ensure you are viewing official accounts and beware of scams.

We'd like to remind Proxies that to maintain fairness and order, we will disqualify accounts that are found to have violations such as account trading, renting, or sharing during the test. Please do not trust in account sharing or trading, or test installation package sale-related info. Please protect your personal account information and property to avoid unnecessary losses.