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Zenless Zone Zero: Equalizing Test Fair Use Statement
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To ensure a fair and healthy Zenless Zone Zero gaming environment and offer Proxies a great gaming experience, we would like to remind everyone that the following rules apply to everyone at all times:

1. Any plug-ins, trainers, and other third-party tools that affect the fairness of the game are strictly prohibited.

HoYoverse (herein referred to as "we") will respond to any such activity by taking measures including but not limited to removal of inappropriately obtained rewards, suspension of accounts, and permanent banning of accounts, with the precise measures to be decided based on the seriousness and number of violations.

2. The sale, purchase, or transfer of accounts by any means is strictly forbidden.

Please protect your personal information and property, do not trust any information regarding the sharing/trading of accounts, and do not buy game accounts on other platforms. In addition, only the Proxy themselves can access the game during the Equalizing Test. Please do not share or sell your game account.

If we find any account is involved in account trading, we may take actions, including but not limited to sending a warning and banning your account.

In accordance with Zenless Zone Zero's Privacy Policy, we hold no responsibility for and will not handle any leaks of personal information or losses that are caused by a Proxy's own actions