Zenless Zone Zero Tuning Test Sign-Up Announcement

Distinguished Proxy,

This is a dangerous world under constant threat from the mysterious calamities known as the "Hollows", where the old civilization has been destroyed and world order lays in ruins. Fortunately, one city is still capable of dealing with the calamities: New Eridu.

A diverse group of people, each with their various reasons and beliefs gather here to challenge the Hollows.

And you, are their indispensable accomplice who guides them out of the Hollows, their "Proxy".

This is your story.

Proxies, your first commission – the Zenless Zone Zero tuning test is officially recruiting. Sign up and complete the beta registration process for a chance to participate in the beta.

Recruit Time

Start Time: 2022/05/13 12:00 (UTC+8)

End Time: To be announced later. Follow official news for more info

How to Sign Up

Zenless Zone Zero Official Recruitment Sign-Up

Click to enter the page above, log in and click "Sign Up" to sign up and complete the registration process for a chance to join the tuning test.

As this is the first commission we're giving on the "Proxy Network", we'll also be holding some great events on social media (found at the bottom of the official website) where we'll be giving out lots of physical rewards, chances to join the beta, and limited edition merchandise, so be sure to follow us!

Follow-up Notices

Once the tuning test recruitment deadline ends, we'll notify all Proxies who succeeded to obtain the test qualification by email and SMS. We'll also send the test installation package through email before the test starts, so please be sure to keep an eye out!

Please note that the above notifications will be sent to the email and/or cell phone Proxies provided on the "Contact Details" page (the last sign-up step). As such, please make sure you fill in the correct email and/or cell phone number.

Beta Test Info

1. Beta Test Type

This beta test is Zenless Zone Zero's first small-scale test called the Tuning Test.

Zenless Zone Zero is still in the development stage, and as such, content found in the beta test does not represent the final quality. Thank you for your support and understanding.

2. Test Platforms

PC (Windows) and iOS

3. Device Requirements

To ensure the commission is completed successfully, we recommend Proxies use the following devices:

iOS devices: iPhone 11 or higher devices with iOS 10.0 and above, 4GB of RAM, minimum 6GB of remaining storage.

PC: Intel i5 or above, NVIDIA GTX970 or equivalent graphics card and above, 8GB RAM, 10GB minimum of remaining storage.

4. Notes

For more notes, please go to>>> Tuning Test Recruitment Event Notes & FAQ

The world has ended, but our story has just begun. We'll see you next time Proxies!

Good luck!

Proxy Network

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